Home Improvement

When it comes to marketing, Home Improvement Companies have their own, unique needs. As an owner of Home Improvement Business you’re not tied down to a specific location, you’re mobile, can cover more ground and reach further. Combine this ability with effective targeting and you have a proven recipe for success. Heck, you’ve got yourself a license to print money!


Reach ALL New Homeowners in any given county which will send tons of business your way.
And it costs less and works better than anything you’ve done before



Reach unique audience with phenomenal spending power! Nothing means more to a consumer than their New Home. It’s their largest purchase and their primary investment. They’re full of hope, enthusiasm and are eager to spend. Turn them into customers while reaching them only once, for just cents per family & without lifting a finger.


Don’t roll the dice wasting your money on people that are not likely to respond



New Homeowners are the BEST prospects to grow your home improvement business:

  • New Homeowners spend more money on home improvement during the first 6 month than the average family spends in 7 years
  • 8 out of 10 New Homeowners said they plan to complete major home remodeling projects soon
  • 98% said they will be looking for home related products and services
  • New Homeowners spend 20 times more on home improvement products and services than established residents
  • New Homeowners tend to be younger, more creditworthy and more likely to make over $100K a year
  • New Homeowners  will spend on average $9,700 on home related projects


Our program is extremely affordable, requires zero time & effort on your part and is ridiculously effective


Sirius New Mover Program for Home Improvement Businesses is a PROVEN DIRECT MAIL MARKETING SYSTEM targeting only new residents in any given county that COSTS LESS and WORKS BETTER than any traditional advertising.

You will crush the competition and dominate your local market by getting steady stream of customers before your competition even knows they are in town. Target those that are new to your area with a high quality oversized postcard. Hit them with a high impact piece and a strong call to action and you are sure to increase your customer base! It is critical that you reach them before your competitors do and to get to them first.

ALL of the following is included on every job at NO EXTRA cost:

    • Free Custom design by professional graphic designer with unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied
    • Free copywriting by professional writer who’s job is to do exactly that – write copy that sells
    • Most current and most accurate new movers list in the country to ensure proper targeting
    • Full color, full bleed, double sided jumbo postcard on Premium 16pt Card Stock to project quality
    • Top quality materials and state-of-the-art printing to make your mailer stand out
    • Free stock photography to make it stand out even more
    • Everything including postage is rolled into one, super low per-piece price with NO additional charges
    • Monthly Automated Mailings
    • Save time, money and hassle by dealing directly with Commercial Printing Company with direct mail capabilities and in house Graphic Design Department


We won’t waste your time with glitzy pitches and meaningless dog and pony shows.
In contrast we know our way around. We get results.
More calls.
More inquiries.
More leads.
More appointments.
More qualified prospects, so you can make more money


Our system have been created exclusively for Home Improvement businesses just like yours. It WORKS BETTER, gets results FASTER, and will make you MORE MONEY than anything you’ve tried before. While with ordinary “mass market” advertising, you throw away most of your money on people who will never become customers, our program targets the most responsive prospects, with a highly persuasive offer, at exactly the right time. It is 100% turnkey, totally automatic and is designed to deliver fresh new customers each month. Representing an enormous opportunity for your business, New Mover Program requires minimal investment yet can yield truly remarkable results.

We’re not asking you to “believe” us though. Just try it. If we’re wrong, all you’ve lost is a couple of bucks. But what if we’re right?