New Mover Program Prices

The only people making money from all those ads you run are the people selling you the ads. Our targeted neighborhood promotions program is different. It is PROVENEFFECTIVE, COSTS LESS, WORKS BETTER and GETS RESULTS FASTER!

There are no contracts or minimums and pricing couldn’t be simpler or lower:  just 99 cents per card mailed.  All inclusive! Design, Print, List, Mail & Postage. No Extra Costs or Hidden Fees. Compare to competitors charging up to $1.99 per piece. Not to mention quality of design, print, paper, list… just to name a few.

You decide where to mail and how much to spend and we’ll handle the rest. By zip code, radius or dollar amount, from design to copywriting and printing to mailing, we’ll handle it all. No minimums. No contracts. No hidden extras and no monthly “subscription fees”. Automatically reach EVERY new neighbor with a personalized invitation to visit your business! Proven effective to bring in large numbers of new customers quickly.


Here’re few examples:

By Radius
Mike’s pizzeria is located at 4653 Washington St. in Atlanta. His current customers are coming from up to 5 miles away so he’s comfortable marketing within that distance. Average monthly number of new residents within 5 mile radius of Mike’s business is 158. Mike’s postcards are mailed to 158 new residents a month for only $156.42


By Zip Code
John is a dentist. His current customer are willing to travel further and are often coming from as far as 15 miles away. That’s why John decided to market to 6 zip codes surrounding his practice. Average monthly number of new residents in all 6 zip codes of John’s business is 302. John’s postcards are mailed to 302 new residents a month for only $298.98


By Dollar Amount
Amy’s budget allows her to spend up to $100 per month on marketing. Although average monthly number of new residents in immediate vicinity of her nail salon is well over 200, based on her preference Amy’s postcards are mailed to just 100 new residents a month for only $99


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