Superior Quality

Highest Quality PrintingHistorically, commercial offset printers have adopted and used AM (or Amplitude Modulated) screening method. While it is still a common method for many printers nationwide producing screen frequency of 175-200 lines per inch, there is a much better method for producing higher quality work.

Although printing at 200LPI may be satisfactory for majority of applications, we have gone one huge step further with the adoption of Staccato (or FM) screening method that produces near photographic quality prints. Staccato eliminates halftone screen angles, rosettes, and screening moiré while preserving, enhancing and elevating the desirable details in your artwork. Our Staccato screening process employs 20 micron dot size which is equivalent to an astounding 500LPI which means your printed materials will be nearly 3 times sharper, brighter and clearer than the traditional 175LPI – common method still used by many printers nationwide.

With Sirius you can rest assured that your printing order will turn out right the first time. We use only the thickest and most durable card stock, brightest environmentally safe inks, highest quality coatings to provide you with a superior custom printed product backed by our simple 100% quality guarantee.