Why New Movers

As soon as people move, they need new connections. New dentist, new veterinarian, new CPA, new optician and new day care. They need a new barber, a new beauty salon, a new gym, a new dry cleaner and a new place to get pizza. They need a new church, a new pool maintenance and a new gardener. They need every service you can think of. Simply put – they need new everything. Now, instead of waiting until they find you, you have a chance to reach out to them first.


They will establish an average of 71 new business relationships in the first few months. They will spend more money in the first 6 months than they will spend in the following 2 years. They are receptive and flexible and you need to grab them before your competitors do.

Our targeted New Mover Program is a unique direct mail solution designed to help you welcome this valuable demographic to your business FIRST, before they have formed a relationship with your competition. It is PROVEN to drive new customers to your business and spend money. Not someday. But NOW!


Our system have been created exclusively for local retail businesses just like yours. It is extremely effective. It WORKS BETTER, gets results FASTER, and will make you MORE MONEY than anything you’ve tried before. While with ordinary “mass market” advertising, you throw away most of your money on people who will never become customers, our program targets the most responsive prospects, with a highly persuasive offer, at exactly the right time. It is 100% turnkey, totally automatic and is designed to deliver fresh new customers to your door each month. With the right offer you can expect response rates to be astounding – 15% to 20% and in some cases even more! Representing an enormous opportunity for your business, New Mover Program requires minimal investment yet can yield truly remarkable results.


In addition to being effective, our program is also extremely flexible and allows you to go by zip code, radius or simply choose any number of households that FITS YOUR BUDGET. There are no minimums or commitments. No contracts or hidden fees. No design fees or set-up fees. Just affordable flat rate price per every piece mailed backed by plain good old service. No tricks, no gimmicks, no monkey business. We are confident that our performance will meet your expectations, but if it doesn’t –  you can cancel at any time.

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